Trio-Gameplay an old school Malaysia type RO dated back in the 2000s, tons of memories awaits for you to regain what is left behind during those golden years of yours.

About Trio-Gameplay

>Trio-Gameplay, an Old-School Malaysia Type RO dated back in the 2000s. Most anticipated legendary EQ such as the Solar God Helm [2], Lord Kaho Horn [1], Sunglasses [1] & Flu Mask [1]. A modern reproduce of the classic memories of most Malaysian Ragnarok Online Private Server's Player out there. Over 700+ New Costume available in our database with all same stats effect balance semi-farm F2P and PLAY TO WIN Server.

>Trio-Gameplay's MOTO is extremely straight forward & simple, we understand how stressful and tiring is life in the real world; Hence Trio-RO is a place for you to chill, enjoy and have fun; with this being said; all quest are made easily achievable in a very casual yet balance way. In the same time, we have the most friendly and approachable community compare to any other Malaysian RO server out there; GM are 100% responsive and active daily to resolve your day to day query as well as to guide you along your way which you'll never find this in any other RO server that you've played before. So what are you still waiting for? COME JOIN US RIGHT NOW !!!

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WoE Schedule

Gangster Paradise
Friday: 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM

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Unique Quest

Endangered Quest, Costume Quest, Headgear Quest, Custom Equipment Quest, MVP Quest and Etc.


Enjoy our exclusive KoE content that has to offered and be rewarded with tons of Costumes in our KoeShop.

Pre-Renewal Server

Classic Pre-Renewal Server with a custom twist to match the modern game play.

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GM Hosted Events, Automated Events, Weekly Events, Monthly Gathering Events and many more.

First Edition WOE

Enjoy Classic gameplay first edition of War of Emperium.