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Character Name ▲ Job Class Base Level Job Level ▲ Guild Map
Anas Taekwon 255 50 None Hidden
Aurora Champion 255 120 None Hidden
Ayunk Creator 255 120 None Hidden
bullseye Sniper 255 120 None Hidden
C4poi Clown 255 120 None Hidden
JeLLLi Whitesmith 255 120 Stigma Hidden
Mira Idora Novice 255 10 None Hidden
Mr Fantastic Clown 255 120 None Hidden
Mr Jaw Gunslinger 255 1 None Hidden
Portgas D Ace Sniper 255 120 StrawHatPirate Hidden
Selamat Novice 3 3 None Hidden
ShanksZ Champion 255 120 StrawHatPirate Hidden
SuraB Champion 255 120 None Hidden
Tony Tony Chopper High Wizard 255 120 StrawHatPirate Hidden
Vrooom Gunslinger 255 120 None Hidden

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