Server Information

Server's Introduction

Welcome to Trio Ragnarok Online.
We are a Malaysian Old-School style RO dated back in the 2000s.
Classic gameplay module with a touch of modern reproduction.
Balance Custom Items with tons of Costume available.
A F2P and PLAY TO WIN Server with balance donations.
Read us more at Home Page & JOIN US TODAY!!!
Balance Donations & All quest are easily achievable GUARANTEE!

No Gold Room or Zeny Room to prevent any zeny inflation.


[Server Rates]
πŸ“Œ Server Type: Pre-Renewal
πŸ“Œ Base Experience: 70k
πŸ“Œ Job Experience: 70k

[Drop Rates]
πŸ“Œ Normal: 50%
πŸ“Œ Boss: 30%
πŸ“Œ MVP: 20%
πŸ“Œ Usable/EQ/ETC: 100%

[Server Information]
πŸ“Œ Max Base: 255
πŸ“Œ Max Job: 120
πŸ“Œ Dex Instant: 130
πŸ“Œ Max ASPD: 193
πŸ“Œ Guild Capacity: 76
πŸ“Œ Party Capacity: 12
πŸ“Œ Job/Class: Transcendant
πŸ“Œ Job/Class: Third & Fourth Job Outfit Ring

[Server Host Featured]
πŸ“Œ Gepard Shield 3.0
πŸ“Œ Dedicated VPS Hosting
πŸ“Œ Server Location: Singapore

[Custom Commands]
πŸ“Œ @mall
πŸ“Œ @quest
πŸ“Œ @donate
πŸ“Œ @woe
πŸ“Œ @koe
πŸ“Œ @koeshop
πŸ“Œ @shenron
πŸ“Œ @eventjoin
πŸ“Œ @fishing
πŸ“Œ @solopack
πŸ“Œ @lgp
πŸ“Œ @square

[Server Features]
πŸ“Œ MVP & Mini Boss Card All Enabled
πŸ“Œ Third & Fourth Job Ring
πŸ“Œ Mall / Quest / Donate Room
πŸ“Œ MVP Party Ladder / Bossnia / Branch Room
πŸ“Œ Shenron Dimension
πŸ“Œ Dota PvP Announcer
πŸ“Œ WoE & KoE & PvP Server
πŸ“Œ Fishing Zone
πŸ“Œ Training Dummy
πŸ“Œ EMP Break Tester & Ladder
πŸ“Œ Multiple Currency Vending System

We hope you enjoy your gameplay with us.
Please invite more of your friends to join our server.

Server Information Everything you need to know

Server Rates


Unique Quest

Endangered Quest, Costume Quest, Headgear Quest, Custom Equipment Quest, MVP Quest and Etc.


Enjoy our exclusive KoE content that has to offered and be rewarded with tons of Costumes in our KoeShop.

Pre-Renewal Server

Classic Pre-Renewal Server with a custom twist to match the modern game play.

Server Events

GM Hosted Events, Automated Events, Weekly Events, Monthly Gathering Events and many more.

First Edition WOE

Enjoy Classic gameplay first edition of War of Emperium.